matança de aves!!!

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matança de aves!!!

Mensagem por Joost Valkenburg em Seg Jun 13, 2011 1:14 pm

Nem tudo é em ingles, mas as imagens falam por si!
Será que a CABS tambem ira estar activa em Portugal num futuro proximo?

During our spring camp we were accompanied for some of the time by a film crew from Stern TV (German RTL). They made a short documentary (10 mins) which included one of our teams - and them - being attacked by poachers (the teams reported similar incidents almost every day - but this is the only one on film). The link is

Dirtybusiness - how millions of birds end up as table delicacies


The film is in German but speaks for itself. We are intending to make sure that the top responsible people on Cyprus see it. Later we will pass a version withEnglish commentary to the news media in other countries

The film was shown as part of the Stern TV current affairs programme broadcastfrom the Cologne studio last Wednesday evening. It attracts more than 5 million viewers. Our General Secretary Alexander Heyd was a studio guest of the host Steffen Hallaschka and gave a cool and collected 10 minute interview.

The story got front page cover in the Cyprus Mail (

We kept a low profile this spring for security reasons so we didn't publicise our camp as widely in the past. I will represent CABS on Cyprus from 5 - 8 July at the Council of Europe conference on Illegal Bird Killing in Europe ( the Council of Europe/Bern Convention and locally hosted by the Cyprus Game Fund.

Our full report on our spring camp has now been published, is online here (,and has been sent to all responsible ministers and law enforcement agencies on Cyprus. It is also included in the conference dossier.

Thanks for your interest.

Joost Valkenburg

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